The Beauty and Benefits of Cable Railing in Sonoma

When it comes to home design, more and more people are opting for cable railing as their go-to choice. The reasons for this are plenty, whether it’s because of its sleek and modern look, or because it provides the necessary safety and protection. Whatever your reason may be, cable railing is a fantastic choice. In…

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A sweet, simple and beautiful Trex Transcend Lineage deck

Trex Transcend Biscayne

Trex Transend Lineage uses a new core formula that manages heat absorption better than traditional composites. That means your tootsies stay cooler and any miters or joists stay tighter. This simple, sweet design is the ‘Biscayne’ colored decking and Fascia. Keeping things clean and simple not only makes things easy on the mind and eye…

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Tree House!

Farrar Construction Tree house project

We are Sonoma County’s premier pirate ship themed tree fort builder. We recycled all the old deck boards for this client to make a fun space for the kids. We recycle absolutely everything to continue making fun projects.

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Trex vs Wood: The Great Deck Building Debate

When a homeowner embarks on the journey of building a deck, they are faced with an initial decision: choosing the most suitable material. Two of the most popular options are traditional wood and composite decking, such as Trex. Both options have their own set of advantages and disadvantages, making the best choice contingent upon your…

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